The Chicki Game

These little ckicks are driving this big chick nuts!
Help the big sit 6 little ckicks, before she has a heart attack!




How To Play:
First, Click Start. Then,
Move Your Chicki/Cursor
over the baby chicks to change
their speed, slower/faster.
If you go 6 on the stick
Then hurry and click on
the button "SAVED"

There Are 12
Twelve Small Baby Chicks.

Get 6 Chicks On The Branch
(At The Same Time)

Must Complete Goal Before
The Big Ckick's Eyes Turns Black.
Copyright © LovelyOrganica. 2010 Game Created By: MCtheGirL

Take Notice: The Game Will Keep Repeating & Start It's Self Over If Not Stopped.
If when you click on the start button the eyes turn black in less than 60sec. then just what for the game to restart its self.
Your time is limited to 90seconds till the big chicks eyes turn black.
-This may differ on the speed of your computer, but it just gives you more time.
JavaScript Must Be Enabled To Post Comments & Ratings.
You can play this game on almost any computer.
-Flash maybe required. No Download Necessary.

Faultiness: To win this game you're playing, honesty in truly needed. Just because you got tired of the game and clicked on 'saved' does not mean you won, think of it as making all the little chicks never have been born; meaning, you killed them! Only click on Saved if you really did help the big chick by getting the 6 baby little chicks to be on the brown stick all at once at least for just one whole second.

Disclaimer: I cannot and will not fix the faultiness of this game.

How I made this... by using html & marquee. I made the images with the use of Paint, and
My inspiration to make this game was the fact that my family is hectic, also me being a veg(LoveTacos) and visiting peta2 many times.
My reason for making this game it an other way of showing the world animals are very much like people; we all can get stressed out!