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MC's ALL is an online Business and Community which has many groups and supports a few great organizations which help fead, help, prevent abouse of/for children, the elderly and animals around the world.

M.C. helps advertize, provide, create, prevent, and more.
We help advertize by listing your business in our online directry and all those listed, we submit your site to google search.

We help proved child, the elderly and animals with the nutrition, shelter and education needed for servivle by advertizing and helping in fund raising during events in different waysand locations.

By doing this, we help create a safer living inviornment and life experiance. We help prevent child and animal abouse by bring awarenes to the public.

M.C's Products

M.C's Products are each original and usefull in different ways.
MCtheGirL holds the rights to the original M.C's Products.
Some of M.C's Prducts are for sale and a percentage of the profit goes towards helpful organizations.

For example: Fluffieys, which are hand made necklaces that are light weight and easy to put on and take off; great for fun, work in the office, parties, the disabled, and for children ages 3 and older. 20% of profit (of the Fluffieys) goes to the Coffee4KidsHonduras Project.

Many other items also have a 5% to 20% donation from profit.
Some Items sold in sub-stores are not M.C's Original Hand-Made Products; to find out more, ask MCtheGirL Directly.
Other information about returns will be listed on each shopping/store web site section.


MCtheGirL is not only a brand of products, (being clothes, jewelry, fun opjects digital and physical), but also a logo, charactor of books and short stories, and even a nick name of the actual owner of M.C's ALL, a real individual person.

MCtheGirL, the person; is a web site, clothes, bedroom, kitchen, office, and bathroom designer. She is a kindhearted, animal loving, people person who is ill by fibromyalgia. See Information About Fibromyalgia At: PubMed Health, WebMD, Wikipedia, or visit the National Fibromyalgia Association. She also has Arthritis, which contributes to making the fibromyalgia worse. She does her best to help support the Coffee4KidsHonduras Project and some others.

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MCsOnline.co is a community where the members of M.C's ALL and all other sub sites can come together.

The Rules are important and must be fallowed by everyone, including staff members. See Rules, here.